Kay Martin and Her Body Guards


Here’s another Christmas post that I had to share…I recently came across the amazing Kay Martin and Her Body Guards’ I Know What He Wants For Christmas…but I don’t know how to wrap it! It’s a great double entendre laden, early sixties gem. At first, I noticed it for obvious reasons, but it’s a really good party music type of album. Apparently the record collecting community has known about Ms Kay for years, her albums are highly collectible. Christmas Yuleblog had a great post about it a couple years back. There’s an abbreviated version of his post below. Make sure to check out the whole post for an amazing story about his quest to get a copy of this album and about trying to get in touch with Kay. Pretty cool. Also, here’s a link to a free download of the album. Merry Christmas and enjoy!

From Christmas Yuleblog:

If you’re a serious Christmas music collector, then you’re probably familiar with this 1962 chestnut (pun intended). However, if you’ve never heard or seen this album before, pull your eyes away from the bodacious cover and let me explain to you several tidbits about this album.

I first became acquainted with this album around 2002 or 2003 when Basic Hip first offered it around Christmas time – a simple clean rip of the album and an average scan of the front cover only. BTW, that is NOT Ms. Martin on the cover. Like many adult party records of the day, an anonymous model would grace the cover with all the right body parts covered (unlike her first album that featured a very naked Martin, no anonymous model here).

As the years went by and I started to seriously collect Christmas music, I began to learn how special this album was. This wasn’t an album to the Christmas music community – it was a secret handshake that gained you entrance into the fraternity of die-hard holiday music lovers.

At least three times a year, copies of this album will appear on eBay and sell for $60 and up. In 2004, an auction ended with the winning bid around $135. Copies in good condition are quickly disappearing from the marketplace. I also discovered other Kay Martin material sold just as well. Her various party albums are much sought after collectibles that fetch a mighty penny anywhere you look.

The remarkable thing about this album is 45 years on, it still contains enough titillation to amuse. I dare you to listen to this whole album and not let out one smile or chuckle. You won’t be able to do it. The entertainment and sex appeal hasn’t diminished one iota since the album’s first release. One truly remarkable Christmas album that will live on into eternity.

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